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Hot Cocoa Gift Basket 

Hot Cocoa, Mug W/ Spoon, Warm Fuzzy Socks, Muffin Mix & Recipe Book

Baker's Gift Basket 

Oven Mitt, Wisk, Measuring Cups & Spoons, Baking Pan, Gluten Free Quickbread Mix, Recipe Book

Movie Night Gift Basket 

Popcorn, Miscellaneous Popcorn Mix ins - Chocolate Chips, Popcorn Seasonings, Caramel Sauce, Recipe Book

Breakfast Gift Basket 

Scone Mix, Pancake Mix, Bowl, Whisk, Kitchen Towel, Recipe Book

Gourmet Gift Basket 

Rice or Quinoa, Beans or Chickpeas, Seasonings, Cooking Dish, Stainless Steel Spoon, Recipe Book

Cookie Gift Basket   

Cookie Mix, Spatula, Cookie Sheet, Cookie Cutters, Recipe Book

Thanksgiving Gift Basket 

Gluten Free Cornbread or Chickpea Bread Mix, Baking Pan, Apron, Recipe Book

Gluten Free Gift Basket

Gluten Free All Purpose Flour, Biscuit Mix, Baking Pan, Whisk, Wooden Spoons, Recipe Book

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