Welcome to the Love Feast Kitchen

Do you know someone who has dietary restrictions who has felt left out because they couldn’t eat the food along with everyone else. Have you or someone you know felt guilty because they forgot to include someone who had dietary restrictions? Since you're reading this you likely have one or both of these problems

I’m glad you’re here. At the love feast kitchen we seek to provide an environment where everyone feels included. It’s agape love which means love feast. A love feast is a communal meal shared together and with food intolerances on the rise, more often than not we may feel isolated from others when there isn’t food we can share in. No one likes the feeling of exclusivity. No one likes to feel like they've excluded someone. Food is something that we all socialize around, it brings feelings of togetherness and shared memories. We want to eliminate that feeling of loss and bring back the feeling of warm togetherness and community. 

We do this in x number of ways / We are the guide here to  help you do this in x ways 

We provide you with baked goods for your events, meetings, parties, birthdays, any event where you need food for a variety of people with various food needs. 

We provide you with recipes, meal plans, tips and tricks so you can make food to share with your friends, family and coworkers and win the day 


Delicious gluten & dairy free recipes, including vegan, oil free, sugar free, paleo