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a serious sensitivity to gluten, an autoimmune disorder, and the best course of action here is to not eat any gluten ( easier said than done especially if you’re diagnosed later, but for me i’d rather feel good then continue eating...

I baked from scratch and ate vegetables. Cooked meals when I felt like cooking, but I also ate out frequently. Olive Garden was one of my favorites. Who doesn’t love the unlimited breadsticks?! I also have more than 5 choices for pizza in a 5mile radius, so you can imagine how much I would order pizza. 

Making any lifestyle diet choices are going to be hard. No matter which lifestyle is forced upon you, It's going to be challenging. Even those you choose for yourself are going to take perseverance. In the beginning I really had no concept of how to eat gluten free. 

Life would be so much simpler if you were only going to be in one camp, Whether it’s gluten free, vegan, Keto, Sugar Free, organic, plant based, lactose intolerant, or if you simply just need to avoid food allergens and even just that can be a real challenge depending on what you’re allergic too.