Fruit Salad

Fruit Salads 

Fruit salad is easy and very versatile. You can take any fruits and make a fruit salad with them. There are many different kinds of fruit salads; some are made with yogurt, others just have a simple dressing made with fruit juices. Fruit salad is then customizable to your tastes, and you can take out, add, or substitute any of the fruit in this recipe for fruit that you like. 

Fruit salads are typically eaten in the summer, but don't let that stop you from eating them year-round. There is always some kind of fruit available, so you could make a fruit salad with autumn or winter fruits.

Fall Fruit

Apples, oranges, grapefruit, pears, cranberries, cherries, plums, and grapes are all available during the fall and winter, so a nice fall fruit salad could be made with these. I will post my own recipe for this once I make it, so stay posted. Now on to whether to use fresh or frozen fruit. I say that it's totally your preference; not all fruit is available frozen, but I have found that berries hold up well when thawed, and if you're going to be eating it immediately (same day), then it's just fine; there's no worry of the quality deteriorating. You'll just need enough time for the fruit to thaw, and it may even be considered a nice summer treat if you're out there in the summer sun getting some vitamin D. Whether fresh or frozen, you'll want to eat your fruit salad within a few hours of preparing it, particularly with apples, which start to brown the moment you slice them. You can slow this down by drizzling lemon juice over your fruit.

My fruit salad starts with apples, blueberries, plums, grapes, and strawberries. I bought Gala apples, but any apples are great for this fruit salad. Pick the apples you like best. There are many different apples to choose from, all with different levels of sweetness. Honeycrisp and Pink Lady apples are among the sweetest ones. There is no sugar in this recipe, so if you like sweetness, choose the sweeter variety of apples. I used fresh blueberries and strawberries in this recipe, but frozen berries are just fine to use, and they thaw well, so they weren't much different than their fresh counterparts; they were just a bit colder as they were thawing out, but they held their shape and didn't lose their juice too much. Preparing this salad is quick, as all the fruit just needs a good rinse if it's fresh. I did slice the strawberries and plums in addition to the apples.

Start rinsing all the fruit( if you're using frozen berries, then you can skip this step for those). Slice the apples into medium-sized slices and add them to the bowl. Drizzle it with lemon juice to keep it from browning. Slice the strawberries into halves and the plums into chunk-size pieces. Combine all the fruit into a bowl or even mini tasting bowls, which are perfect for parties. Enjoy this fruit salad as a healthy way to curb those sweet cravings that can crop up during the day. 


Yield 7-8 Servings

Prep time 10 Min 

Author - Danielle

Cook Time - 0 


3 Apples 

2 cups blueberries

5 oz grapes 

3 plums 

5-7 Strawberries 


Rinse all the fruit in cool water. Slice the apples into medium-sized slices. If you don't like the peel, peel apples before slicing.

Slice strawberries into halves. Slice plums into chunky pieces. Combine fruit into several serving bowls or mini tasting bowls.

This recipe is versatile, so feel free to substitute any of the fruits for ones that you like.



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