Chickpea Bread 

This gluten-free chickpea bread is a great replacement for cornbread. If you can't have cornbread and need a corn-free option, this is a great go-to. Perfect for any occasion or any meal, it has a tender crumb and can also be made vegan and oil-free. This recipe is quick and easy and can be made and baked in 30 minutes. I would allow them to cool for at least 5–10 minutes, as gluten-free baked goods can sometimes be gummy if eaten right out of the oven. This is also a pretty versatile recipe, as you can use cooked chickpeas or chickpea flour. You'll just have to adjust the water if you use cooked chickpeas. If you can't find chickpea flour where you live, you can easily make your own chickpea flour, which is what I do. You'll need a grain mill that can grind chickpeas to get them fine, though a Vitamix blender might work as well. I don't have a Vitamix, so I haven't tried it, but I have tried it with other blenders, and the consistency isn't fine. It's more of a mealy pebble texture, which is why if you don't have a way to make your own chickpea flour, you can cook chickpeas and then blend them into a smooth consistency. For quick-cooking chickpeas, all you need is an instant pot.

 I have a grain mill that I have been using. It's the KitchenAid grain mill attachment, but I also use cooked chickpeas in my recipes. I like to get all my ingredients together, add the dry ingredients to the bowl, and then from there, the process is pretty quick. You can have this chickpea bread in the oven in 5 minutes. Heat the oven to 350 degrees, and then add the remaining ingredients to the bowl. Beat until you have a smooth consistency. I like to line my baking pans with parchment because it makes for easy clean-up later. Line a 6.75 x 7.75 pan with parchment and then pour into the pan. You'll make these at 350° for about 20–30 minutes until the toothpick is inserted and comes out clean. Cool for 10 minutes before enjoying. This quick bread goes great with pasta, soup, chili, or as a side with chicken or rice. For more quick recipes, check out Chili Cheese Bread, Garlic Bread, and Cornbread (Coming Soon) 

I have actually found that many of the grain mills out there today that claim they can grind chickpeas actually can't grind them, mainly because the whole isn't big enough to begin with or they get caught in the grain mill and then you can't get them out. However, I have had success with the Kitchen Aid Grain Mill, and it is more affordable than some of the electric grain mills. Because this grain mill uses the Kitchen Aid Mixer, you'll want to be careful not to tax the motor on your mixer; however, I have gotten a fine grind with it. You'll need to start the chickpeas on the coarse grind setting first and then take them through a second time on the finer grind setting.

Chickpeas are high in protein, so they are a great way to get protein into your diet when you have eliminated other sources of protein, like meat, for instance. They also have other health benefits, including being a good source of fiber, vitamin B, and iron. Chickpeas can be used in a variety of ways, including as pasta, soup, and as an ingredient in other foods like quinoa. Because they are high in protein and fiber, they will keep you full longer, and you can even eat them as a snack. Stay tuned for my Roasted Chickpea Recipe. However you eat chickpeas, they are a satisfying ingredient to add to your next meal.

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Yield 16 

Prep Time - 5 Min

Author - Danielle 

Cook Time 20-30 Min


1 cup gluten free  flour

1/2 cup chickpea flour or chickpeas ( cooked)

2 tsp baking powder

1 egg

1/2 tsp salt

1 cup water

1/4 cup oil



In a bowl, combine the dry ingredients. If using chickpeas instead of chickpea flour, decrease the water to 1/2 cup and pulse the chickpeas in a food processor with the water until smooth. Add chickpeas to the bowl and mix. Add eggs and oil.

Add to a 6.7.5 x 7.75 pan lined with parchment. Bake for 20–30 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean.

If you don’t have any Pyrex pans, you can find them here.

Cool 10 minutes



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