Black Bean Chili 

4 Way- Cincinnati Chili 

Black bean chili is a twist on classic style chili made with tomato sauce, kidney beans, and ground beef. This is also completely different from what one would consider Cincinnati Chili, which is really just a topping for coneys or spaghetti. Interestingly, Cincinnati Chili didn't originate from Cincinnati but from immigrants who immigrated here from Greece. Tom and John Kiradjief were from a town called Hrupishta. The chili we know today as Cincinnati chili was created in 1922 when they wanted to create a sauce as a topping for their spaghetti and coneys. The chili evolved over time into what it is today because of his customers requests for chili and cheese as toppings.


 This black bean chili is made with black beans and without meat, so it's vegan as well. To get started, you'll need some black beans. You can quickly make black beans without the need to soak them with the help of an Instant Pot. If you want to make a big batch of black beans at once, go over to my Instant Pot Black Bean recipe for the directions. This way, you'll have black beans on hand to make many meals with. One meal that is sure to please is Chili Pasta and Black Beans, made with gluten-free pasta and tomato sauce and topped with black beans. This recipe makes enough for one person, so if you're feeding a family, this recipe is easy to increase to the amount you need. You'll need 1 1/2 cups of beans. Add the beans to a blender or food processor. I have a Ninja Blender that I use, but any blender will be good for this purpose. If you don't already have a blender, there are many to choose from that fit your needs and budget. I am right now thinking about getting a Vitamix because I need something more powerful. Vitamix can even make crushed ice, which, if you like snow cones, sounds awesome. Pulse the beans just until chunky. Add the beans to a pan. Next, add the tomatoes, onion, and garlic to the blender. You can add the seasonings to the blender and then blend, or you can blend and then add the seasonings to the sauce in the pan. Some people have the preference of wanting to stir the seasonings in the pan.The chili powder is the most important seasoning in this dish. It's not chili without the chili powder, and because of the nature of seasonings, I like to buy organic whenever possible. Organic Chili Powder is made without the irradiation that happens with conventional seasonings. Conventional seasonings are made with produce that has been sprayed with chemicals and pesticides. Whenever possible, I always go organic.

If the beans you're using are cold beans, then you can add the tomatoes right to the pan with the beans and stir. If you are at the point where you have cooked the beans and they're hot, you'll want to then just cook the tomato sauce separately, heating until the tomatoes are reduced and heated through, about 5 minutes, and then add it to the chunky beans. This recipe is quick and easy, and it's perfect for a hearty weeknight meal that you can throw together in less than 45 minutes (if you make the beans the same day; if not, it's on the table in 15 minutes).

Add it to a bowl and enjoy.

If you like crackers with your chili, be sure to check out my favorite brand of crackers, Simple Mills. If you like bread with your chili, my Chickpea Bread recipe would go nicely with this

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Yield 1

Prep Time 5 Min 

Author Danielle 

Cook Time  10 Min 


1  1/2 cup Black Beans

1/2 cup or 1 large tomato

1/2 cup onion

3 garlic cloves

1/2 tsp salt

1 tsp chili powder

1/4 tsp cumin


Add the cooked black beans to a blender and pulse until chunky. Add to a pan. In a blender, add the onion, tomatoes, and garlic. Blend until smooth. Add the tomatoes to the pan with the beans and stir. If the beans are already cooked, then cook the tomatoes separately. Add in the chili powder, cumin, and salt, and stir. Heat on medium until heated through, about 5 minutes. Add it to a bowl. Enjoy 

It goes perfectly with some bread or crackers.


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